Local Supplier vs Wholesale Manufacturer

Christian Tuska |

It is 2020.  The world revolves around Amazon’s delivery schedule.  Entertainment is now streamed into your living rooms and smart phones.  Blockbuster Video is a thing of the past.  So too is the local hardware supplier.  So why do we hear “If you cannot stop by and show your product to me, I am not working with you.”?  We may be presenting with a bias view due to the fact we are a wholesale manufacturer of diamond cutting and coring equipment, but hear us out.  We are headquartered in Chicago.  We tend to favor home style offerings such a hotdog “dragged through the garden” or pizza that is “upside down”.  We understand the lore of local offerings. 

This is different.

What puts us in a state of wonder is the idea that obtaining and utilizing construction equipment should be determined on what zip code it is provided from.  If you go to your local shoe store and they do not have the exact shoe you want in your size, are you supposed to settle for something different?  The same pertains to Diamond Blades.  If the local store you may utilize does not have the exact blade you are looking for, who do you think they call? 

Lets face it.  You are unique.  Unique in the fact that you require specific product to complete projects you provide your customers.  Why settle for an overpriced general purpose blade down the street when you can immediately reach out to us and obtain the exact tool you need? We analyze the aggregates in each area, and will provide you with the exact blade that will perform best for your exact area.  Oh, and if you are a fan of a TRUE multi-purpose blade, we have it for nearly half the price.  Pick up your smartphone, google Diamond Blade Warehouse, and reach out to us.  We have the product in stock, and get it to your front door upon request.

This is not a thought meant to be a message of eliminating local business and growth.  It is meant to simply inform the industry that we at DBW are here to provide the best product at the best price to the most deserving customer.  That customer is YOU!  It is 2020.  Welcome, and how may we help you?

– Matt Mahoney

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