Diamond Blade Warehouse Credit Application

Company Information
Detailed Information
Are Purchase Orders Required?
Trade References (at least one required)
I, , hereby authorize our trade references to release credit information to Diamond Blade Warehouse. I expect Diamond Blade Warehouse to keep all information in strict confidence. I also agree to comply with the term of sale of Diamond Blade Warehouse and agree to pay all costs incurred should my account be submitted for collections.

By signing below, you: authorize Diamond Blade Warehouse, or another party on our behalf, to contact your trade, bank, and other references, and authorize those third-parties to release credit information about your company to Diamond Blade Warehouse; acknowledge and agree to the [Terms of Sale]; agree to pay all bills per the Terms of Sale or stated terms of each invoice or purchase order, and be responsible for all collection costs including attorneys’ fees and court costs if you fail to do so; affirmatively state your company has sufficient assets to satisfy all anticipated purchases and liabilities, that all information contained in this application is complete and correct, and that you will notify Diamond Blade Warehouse of any change to this information or to the ownership or control of your company or business. All decisions regarding granting, extending, or terminating credit to your company are at the sole discretion of Diamond Blade Warehouse.